pages 2-7 for The Lammy/Parappa guidebook.


*crawling through tall grass* i cannot be harmed! i cannot be harmed! evil forces will never touch me! *biting some leafs* i prevail once again! *crawling faster, spitting out the leafs* i cannot be harmed! time itself obeys my command! *lies down very tired* Thats all folks 


how mad do you have to be


ooh this is really cool


i thought i’d only care about drae because of tiny gang member and ishipapa but now nef and i are adopting jataro kemuri, say hello to the new babychild


my little jason voorhees!!

Hey #csa #sexual abuse #dangan ronpa ae spoilers


Listen, i adored eighty percent of drae. It was an EXCELLENT game with great writing and visuals and sound but the shit in chapter three was ABSOLUTELY FUCKING INEXCUSABLE and the fact that I’m seeing people defend it as an artistic choice is horrifying??? There is no excuse for the shit in chapter three.

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The Sohoku Anime Club, or the AU in which Onoda gets everything he wanted.

I may or may not be planning more of these… (hint: I am)


How we beat the heat in Australia. Ice cold can on a warm belly.


"The asymmetry of this pile is really starting to bother me."